Course update         6-9-20

This spring we have had a handful of leaks in the main line of our irrigation system, our maintenance team has worked very hard to identify and fix these breaks. With the abnormally hot, dry and windy spring keeping up with all the hot spots on the golf course, while fighting the irrigation leaks has been a challenge. When the soil becomes very dry it can become hydrophobic, meaning it repels water.  Now that our system is up and running and we have identified our hydrophobic areas, we are working hard to get these areas to recover. 

New to the course this spring, you will notice cart directional signs on every hole.  About 20-30 yards from every green we have green and white stakes along with a white sign specifying which direction to go back to the cart path.  This allows us to direct and spread out wear from cart traffic throughout the year.  One of our main goals is to prevent carts from continuously driving up to the edge of the green, as this causes matting and overall wear to our green surrounds, making it much harder to provide a good playing surface.  Some holes will be marked as cart path only, these are either wet areas or short par 3’s. Again, these signs are not meant to be an inconvenience to the golfer, but to prevent excess damage from being caused to the golf course and the carts themselves.

The new mats are installed and ready to be used on the lower driving range tee.  We will be doing mats only on the lower tee with the normal grass setup on the upper tee box.  This week we will be trying to edge, weed and sod some of our bunkers to provide better aesthetics and improved overall bunker playability.  We appreciate your help in trying to provide the best possible conditions at Kingswood.

~Alex Craigie, Superintendent