Course Conditions

Golf Course and Grounds Report                                                                 September 3, 2019

As we approach fall, our main concentration in the maintenance department is turf health. We have spent all summer using all of the plants energy to simply survive the heat and stressful conditions. With cooler temperatures approaching the plant can now start using its energy to build a deeper root system rather than tapping into it. This is why fall is such an important time for maintenance. If we can encourage the plant to build a healthy, deep rooting system through practices such as aeration, topdressing, deep and infrequent irrigation etc., the turf has a much better chance at surviving the winter and being in better shape come spring time.
We did receive more rain at Kingswood this week, and although the golf course handled the moisture well, there are still a few wet spots out there. With the Fall Classic approaching, please try and avoid areas that are obviously holding water to prevent any excessive tire ruts on the golf course. Maintenance continues to work hard at providing the best daily playing conditions for Kingswood Golf Club.
Thank you.
~Alex Craigie, Superintendent