Course Conditions

Golf Course and Grounds Report                                                                  July 16, 2019

Hole three and the green course are finally open. We hope you enjoy the opening while we continue to try and get the middle of the green to fill in. The right side of hole three is still very wet and is currently marked as ground under repair.
If you think the greens were sandy on Tuesday, that is because we top-dressed. The sand will work down into the canopy in a few days and will not be noticeable. We need to stay on top of our topdressing program to try and dilute the amount of thatch that has built up over the years. While sand may seem inconvenient for a day or two, the long-term benefits of a smoother playing surface, increased surface water infiltration, dilution of the thatch layer just to name a few, far outweigh the negatives. The added sand will also aid in the recovery and filling in of weak spots on our greens.
Maintenance is getting caught up with a lot of our mowing and irrigation, which is allowing us to chip away at more of the projects and detail work that will hopefully make your rounds more enjoyable. Thank you from everyone on the grounds crew.
~Alex Craigie, Superintendent