Course Conditions

Report from the Course                                                                                   June 1, 2017

       Just when things seem to be calming down, another ¾ to 1 inch of rain was dumped on us last night resulting in some really soggy conditions adding to the challenges of getting the course mowed. We are behind, especially with the rough mowing because we have to go slowly through the lush, dense turf and the amount of clipping debris has been much more than normal, but as I mentioned previously, this is an exercise in patience and the weather has to improve at some point. Our staff continues to perform magnificently in preparing the course each day while holding damage and disruptions to a minimum.

Regarding our Maintenance Staff, we have a great team of individuals that are experienced, knowledgeable, willing to learn, and have a sense of pride in what they accomplish. Their work ethic shows up in the quality they deliver, not only when conditions are ideal, but especially when conditions are challenging and for that I am grateful. It is not easy to name an employee of the month when you have such a great group but it is satisfying that staff members will rise to the occasion and distinguish themselves. Our Employee of the Month for May is Kevin Waterman. My request at the beginning of the season of the experienced staff members was that they assume the mantle of responsibility and lead by example and serve as instructors and guides to less experienced staff members. Kevin has fulfilled that request and more. All of our staff took my request to heart and it has been my pleasure and privilege to witness and be a part of the energy that has guided us through this unusual first part of the season, so congratulations Kevin. Well Done!

In spite of the weather, we have managed to accomplish a few out of the ordinary items. We replaced the “critter” damaged junipers along the practice tee slopes with an arrangement of PJM Rhododendrons and hydrangea. We also re-landscaped the area along the clubhouse facing the first tee. (See pictures). We have also been busy removing damaged or problem trees, most notably a large maple along the path on Hole #4, another dying maple between Hole 12 and 15. We have a few more yet to remove. We have also begun a pruning program that started with the hemlocks between the clubhouse and parking lot. Our goal is to expand the program onto the course. Our resident “Michelangelo of the Forest” Wayne Wentworth has taken the lead for this project as our expert. We also spent some time adding planting boxes to six more of the granite tee monuments. Our Green Chairman, Lew Gurnari, arranged to have students from Kingswood High School take a day to plant the boxes with flowers they grew in their greenhouse. They also planted the space in front of the comfort station that was previously occupied by a spruce tree. We very much appreciate their efforts and hopefully the co-operative program will continue to grow.

Hopefully, everyone has taken note of the front porch or rear deck area that has been refurbished and supplied with some new furniture. It is a very inviting area and vantage point to relax and see the course and enjoy refreshments. Great job to everyone involved in the project. A wonderful asset for Kingswood.

Obviously, we have not had to do much watering this year. A difficult leak has been repaired and the system is up and operating exceptionally well when we have needed it. Anyway, I think we have seen enough water so far to last for quite a while. Thank You again for your patience with the Carts on Paths designation. Every time I try to get back to the 90 degree rule, we get dumped on again. Hopefully June will be a drier month.


Vincent A. Matics Jr. CGCS                                                      Golf Course Superintendent