Course Conditions


Golf Course and Grounds Report                                                                   April 9.2018

Our staff has returned and has begun cleaning up the course to prepare it for eventual opening. They are starting around the Clubhouse and Pro Shop and will move onto the course from there. The turf has made it through a rather challenging winter in good stead, however it seems that the winter temperatures do not want to end. Consistent 20 to 30 degree nights followed by 30 to 40 degree days are not conducive to helping us get the course open anytime soon. We removed the snow fence but cannot get the stakes out of the ground as they remain frozen in. With the temperature fluctuations it is important that if you venture out onto the course that you do not go onto the greens. They are not ready to sustain traffic and the freeze/thaw cycles will only exacerbate damage from footprints if you walk on the thawing green surfaces when they are not ready to handle traffic. This disruption will show up in putting quality for months until it finally grows out, so please keep off until they are determined to be ready to open.

Our staff has a challenging cleanup detail ahead of them with remaining cleanup to be accomplished from last fall’s storms and an inordinate amount of pine cones that dropped over the winter. Our goal is to get the course ready as quickly as possible. The snow mobile trail stakes have to be removed, insulation covers on the irrigation system sprinklers are to be removed, and then we will begin to return the course amenities to their proper places (benches, ball washers, baskets, etc.) As you can see we have quite a bit of work ahead of us.

Thanks and we look forward to another great season.

Vince Matics CGCS

Golf Course Superintendent