Special Maintenance

When play begins, please take note of staff members working in proximity to play. They have been advised to maintain awareness of approaching golfers and to move to the side and allow play to continue through, but they will not be able to hear warnings due to the engine noise. Use caution and discretion when you approach an area being mowed that may be close to play. Allow the staff adequate time to evacuate the area before you play your shot.

Any disrupted areas in the field of play are  being attended to and will be marked with white paint lines as Ground Under Repair. This entitles you to a FREE LIFT if your ball comes to rest within the perimeter of the marked area. Please refrain from walking or driving through any newly restored and seeded areas.

Divot repair mix is provided in the divot mix bottles mounted on each golf cart and divot mix containers located on the teeing areas of Par 3 Holes and other holes where irons might be used, and also at the Practice Tee stations. The sand/soil/seed mixture may be used for repairing divots on tees and fairways only. Please do not use the mix in the roughs, as the turf species in the rough are different from the fairways and tees. The proper procedure for repairing a divot is as follows:

* If the extracted divot is large enough (has some soil on it), replace the divot so it will have a chance to grow back. A light dressing with the mix can be used around the perimeter of the divot seam to help seal the turf.

* If the divot is small, thin, or has shattered, simply fill the area with the mix and level it out with your shoe or club

Periodic scheduled Pesticide/Fertilizer applications to greens, tees, and fairways have commenced and notices are posted at the First Tee.


Thank You.
Vince Matics CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent