“Try It Before You Buy It” – Our most popular membership, this is a multiyear, reduced-price, non-voting membership to the club.  At the end of year 3, you will have the option to become an equity member. The cost includes a free ½ hour lesson with our pro.  In addition, you can add your spouse for a discounted rate.

Family Membership – This is a one-year, non-voting membership for 2 adults and their minor children.  This membership also includes one free ½ hour lesson with our pro.

Private Club Dual Membership – This membership is for those people who hold another membership at a private club within 50 miles of Kingswood Golf Club.  Benefits include unlimited golf, club charge privileges, and participation in league play (Twi League).  In addition, participants are eligible to play in non-club sponsored events (Ryder, fall Classic, and Invitational) and can participate in Sanctioned Groups.  Qualified participants are not eligible to participate in the range or cart membership programs or club-sponsored tournaments (Club Championship, Two Ball, and Butler).

Full Equity Memberships:

Full equity memberships are for the adult golfer that has a vested interest in Kingswood Golf Club. With the purchase of a share certificate, you become an equity member of Kingswood; you are an owner.  You decide the direction of the club with your vote at the annual meeting and for any other voting issues that may arise throughout the year.  Whether Single Member, a Member & Spouse, or a Senior Member, you are entitled to one vote per certificate.

Full equity memberships allow you to participate in any club-sponsored events, leagues and sanctioned groups.  In addition, you will enjoy unlimited greens, reduced rates for cart rentals, and tee time reservations can be made ten days in advance.  You are also entitled to in-house charge privileges at the Club House and Pro Shop.  Your children or grandchildren under the age of 14 can play with you for free Monday through Thursday anytime and Friday through Sunday and holidays after 3:00 pm and your guests enjoy reduced rates.

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Non-Equity Memberships:

Affiliate Membership:  This membership is for those people 40 and under who are not ready to become an equity member.   Because you are not required to purchase the share certificate, you are not eligible to vote.  This membership does extend all of the other privileges an equity membership enjoys.  When you reach the age of 41, you will be required to purchase a share at the current market value and pay any initiation fee that may be in effect at that time.  You must provide proof of age with your completed application.

Associate Memberships:  This membership entitles you play our course seven days a week after 2:00 p.m.  As an Associate member, you are not extended the full privileges of an equity membership but you do get reduced rates on cart fees.  You are not eligible to play in any club-sponsored events.

College Student Membership:  This membership is for those between the ages of 18 & 25.  Participants in the program must be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program and living at home.   Proof of enrollment must be provided each year.  Participants are eligible to participate in all tournaments with the same rights and privileges as the affiliate membership.

Junior Membership:  This membership is for those under the age of 21.  You are entitled to play the course Monday through Thursday anytime and Friday-Sunday and holidays after 3:00 p.m.


“Range Membership” – As a member of Kingswood Golf Club, you can purchase a range membership which allows unlimited use of our range for the season.

“Cart Membership” – As a member of Kingswood Golf Club, you can purchase a cart membership which allows unlimited use of a motorized cart for the season.  You can add your spouse at a reduced rate.