Kingswood Golf Club is a semi-private, classic Donald Ross (18 hole – par 72) championship course open to the public. Since 1915 Kingswood Golf Club has maintained its first-class image by being friendly and hospitable. Our reputation for providing quality and matchless course conditions includes plush well-maintained fairways, velvet-smooth greens, and an engaging course layout to rival some of the best courses in the USA. The course offers a range of challenges from lengths of 5045 to 6366 yards.

Green & Gold Course HOLE  1 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s –  9 / Women’s – 5


Tip for Play:

Stay right off the tee and away from the out-of-bounds that guards the left side of the fairway. The fairway is generous and a good tee shot should leave a mid-iron into a green that slopes from right to left. Hitting a fade into the green from the sloping fairway might be a challenge but will set you up with a birdie putt to open your round. 


Green & Gold Course HOLE  2 – Par 5

Handicap: Men’s – 7 / Women’s – 9

Tip for Play:

This short par 5 requires an accurate tee shot between an out-of-bounds running the left side of the fairway and the pond on the right. Stay short of hazard that crosses the fairway and you should have less than 200 yards in on your approach. A large bunker sits 40 yards short and right of the green to catch your ball if you don’t commit to your shot. The green is generous and gently slopes from front to back.  

Green Course HOLE  3 – Par 3

Handicap: Men’s – 13 / Women’s – 11

Tip for Play:

This downhill par three demands an accurate tee shot with water lurking to the left and a bunker right. The first shot is the most challenging as the green only has small undulations. 

Skip this hole when playing Gold Course

Green Course HOLE  4 / Gold Course HOLE 3 – Par 4 

Handicap: Men’s – 1/ Women’s – 1 

Tip for Play:

Hole 4 is the most demanding at Kingwood, requiring two perfectly executed shots back-to-back. The fairway is narrow with out-of-bounds left and a pond to the right. If you can thread your tee shot between these, you will be left with a challenging approach shot to a green 75 yards above the fairway. The green slopes back to front and downhill putt can be very fast mid-summer. Enjoy the challenge. 


Green Course HOLE  5/ Gold Course HOLE 4 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s –  11/ Women’s – 11

Tip for Play:

Remember only one thing when playing this hole: keep the ball below the pin on the green. A generous fairway will receive your tee shot.  Players that hit a long tee ball may want to lay back with a wood to remove the out-of-bounds on the left. You should be left with a wedge into the green which has a significant slope back to front and left to right. Leave your ball below the hole and you will have a confident look at birdie. 


Green Course HOLE  6 /Gold Course HOLE 5 – Par 3 

Handicap: Men’s – 17 / Women’s – 17

Tip for Play:

This short par 3 is protected by the narrowness of its green and two large bunkers that sit on each side. Short of the green is fine as you should be able to get up and down from that position.

Green Course HOLE  7 / Gold Course HOLE 6 – Par 4 

Handicap: Men’s – 3 / Women’s – 3

Tip for Play:

This short and narrow par 4 moves down the hill. Aim over the directional flag in the middle of the fairway. Driver is probably not the best play as the fairway narrows down in the landing zone. Most players try to hit a tee shot between 200-220 yards. A challenging downhill lie will await your approach shot. The green is severely sloped back to front. A ball landing in the front of the green may roll off. Staying below the hole is a significant advantage. 


Green Course HOLE  8 / Gold Course HOLE 7 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s – 15 / Women’s – 13

Tip for Play:

Here is a great birdie opportunity. A wide fairway awaits your tee shot. Most players will need to put the driver away as there is a pond at the end of the fairway on the right. Try to leave yourself 100 yards in for a wedge. Take enough club to safely carry the bunkers short of the green.  Get the ball close to the pin and a relatively flat green awaits your birdie attempt. 

Green Course HOLE 9 / Gold Course HOLE 8 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s –  5/ Women’s – 15

Tip for Play:

All uphill here. Driver is required on this deceptively long par 4. The green has several bunkers on the right side.  The front third of the green can be faster than it might appear if the pin is located here. 


Green Course HOLE  10 / Gold Course HOLE 9 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s –  13/ Women’s – 7

Tip for Play:

This dogleg left is a risk/reward hole. You can play your tee shot straight down the fairway to the 150-yard marker. Longer hitters may try to cut the corner over the maple on the left leaving a wedge into the green. The green slopes left to right and front to back. 


Green Course HOLE  11 / Gold Course HOLE 10 – Par 5

Handicap: Men’s – 12 / Women’s – 12

Tip for Play:

This par 5 is reachable in 2 for the longer hitters. Aim at the fairway bunker on the left, cutting the ball into the fairway that moves left to right. Out-of-bounds lines the right side for players that move the ball too much to the right. A good tee shot should leave a long iron or wood into the green or pick your yardage to layup to. The green is protected by bunkers on the left and right. It has some slope to it so make sure to look at your putt from all sides. 


Gold Course HOLE 11a  – Par 3

Handicap: Men’s – 18 / Women’s – 16

Tip for Play:

A gorgeous old oak tree provides the backdrop for this short but challenging par 3. Don’t miss long or right. Even missing left will leave an almost impossible up and down.

Alternate hole/only used when playing Gold Course


Green & Gold Course HOLE  12 – Par 4 

Handicap: Men’s –  4/ Women’s – 4

Tip for Play:

This is one of the more demanding holes on the back 9. Stay to the right side of this fairway to leave yourself a look at the flag. You will be left with a mid to long iron into a small green that slopes steeply back to front. Large bunkers guard each side of the green to catch errant shots. A par here is a GREAT score. 


Green & Gold Course HOLE 13  – Par 3

Handicap: Men’s –  14/ Women’s – 18

Tip for Play:

One of the prettier holes at Kingswood. This par 3 plays slightly downhill. A large green awaits your tee shot. Members always try to play less break than might appear on this green. 

Green & Gold Course HOLE  14 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s – 8  / Women’s – 6


Tip for Play:

This downhill par 4 leaves the player with several choices off the tee. Most will take an iron leaving the ball just short of the pond on the right. Players that want to take on a little more risk may want to try to land the ball between the pond on the right and the bunker on the left. Long hitters may try to carry the ball even further down the fairway. A long, narrow green that moves right to left awaits your iron shot. There are a couple of large bunkers left and another on the hill to the right. If your ball ends up in the bunker on the hill a Texas Wedge out may be the savvy play. 

Green & Gold Course HOLE  15 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s –  16/ Women’s – 10

Tip for Play:

This short par 4 is a scoring opportunity that you will want to take advantage of. Don’t miss to the right of the fairway as a large pine tree will block your approach. The left side of the green slopes left to right. Factor this in when picking your landing area.

Green & Gold Course HOLE  16 – Par 5

Handicap: Men’s –  6/ Women’s – 2

Tip for Play:

This is the last par 5 at Kingswood. It plays significantly downhill on the tee shot. Depending on the tee that you are playing driver may be too much club as you can quickly run out of fairway. Most players will need 3 shots to reach this green. The green is very deep so pay attention to where the pin is positioned when calculating your yardage. 


Green & Gold Course HOLE  17 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s –  2/ Women’s – 14

Tip for Play:

A beautiful dogleg right par 4 nears the end of your round at Kingswood. Driver is the play off the tee. Factor in a half to a full club more for your approach as the green sits above the fairway. Bunkers guard both the front right and back left of this large green. Putts moving down the hill on the green may roll out more than they first appear. 


Green & Gold Course HOLE 18 – Par 4

Handicap: Men’s –  10/ Women’s – 8

Tip for Play:

Last chance at birdie! If you can stay clear of the large fairway bunker on the right, you should have a nice approach into this large green. The green has some tricky undulations, read them carefully.