Private Lessons


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available by appointment only.

Like a tailor, we will build your swing so that it fits you!  Not all students have the same body type, therefore not all students can fit into the same swing.  We will look at your strengths and weaknesses and come up with a blueprint that will work for you.  Video Analysis (V1) is used in our One Hour Lessons.  Video is a great teaching tool for the student because you can see what you are doing and where it needs to be corrected.  You can also see your improvement from each lesson to the next.

Kingswood Private lessons are all taught by PGA and LPGA Professionals with many years of experience. Please read the biographies on our instructors to choose which one is for you. Our Instructors pride themselves in getting to know the student and their needs.  We custom fit your swing to your strengths so that you can maximize your performance.


  • 45 Minutes ~ $85.00
  • 60 Minutes ~ $110.00

To schedule your lesson please  email Kristy